Wrestling Records on Vinyl

ROCK ‘N WRESTLING I’ve got to say, as a kid when ever the other kids were rocking out to rock ‘n roll, I was marking out to the Rock N Wrestle connection. My first real album was The WWF Wrestling Album and I still know all the words to this very day. Here are some […]

Bad Guy Wrestling Movie Soundtrack & Badstreet USA 45 record single

American Made Hulk Hogan T-shirt

Hulk Hogan White Shirt Actual Ring Gear

MY ORIGINAL RING WORN SHIRT BY HULK HOGAN It always was, and still is, customary for the great Hulk Hogan to tear his t-shirt off before a match and throw it to a lucky fan in the audience. On September 13th, 1985, at a WWF “All Star Wrestling” taping, I was the lucky fan. To […]

George Steele’s MINE DOLL 1

In 1988, Steele began carrying a stuffed animal named “Mine” to the ring. These are very very very rare and were only sold at house shows. You almost can’t ever find one on eBay. Very few were produced and the last one that showed up on eBay went for several hundred dollars. Online, I read […]

George Steele MINE DOLL