Custom Paul Ellering & Rocco Jakks Figure

Custom Paul Ellering & Rocco

Paul Ellering was the long time manager of The ROad Warriors, aka The Legion of Doom and followed them throughout their careers to many different promotions. After their initial introduction to the WWF, LOD would return a short time later with their original manager, Paul Ellering. In the whole cartoonization of the company to make […]

Custom Legion of Doom LOD Droz

WWE Custom Figure Torso Swap

WWE Custom Figure Torso Swap – Transplant Q-ring as seen with Custom Legion of Doom LOD Droz From what a few have said, I may have created my own method of torso swapping for my first torso transplant attempt for my LOD Custom Droz. A few customizer friends told me that I absolutely HAD to […]

The Missing Link Custom Action Figure 4

I grew up with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in syndication, soon followed by The World Wrestling Federation which pretty much solidified my obsession.during this period of time, there was a bit of an overlap where I watched both religiously. There was one wrestler that really stood out who competed in both. Byron James John “Dewey” […]

This Missing Link Action Figure

Custom Men On a Mission

Custom Men on a Mission

M-to the-M-to the-M-to the O!!! Men on a Mission is ready to go! Mable is an obvious Viscera, repainted into a sweet Mable gimmick. Mo, however, is a Shelton Benjamin head and a Koko B Ware body with a cotton and masking taped prothstetic stuffed tights. Sir Mo, as you know, has an oddly shaped body, so […]

WWE Custom Lex Express Playset 1

The making of The Lex ExpressPlayset was a labor of love, and the first real custom project I have ever engaged in. Yep…I taped everything up and spray painted the blues with a special paint that bonds to plastic. Then repeated this again with red, and then yet again with white. Using spray paint as […]

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